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  • Why do you need to pay attention to your research topic at proposal stage? Many PhD scholars have this question in mind when they have to start off with their PhD research. The critical significance of a research topic can be well indicated by the reports of a recent survey demonstrating that about 17% of PhD thesis got rejected in the first go owing to their ‘too broad’, ‘too narrow’, ‘uninteresting’, or ‘not research-worthy’ topics. A good topic is one that invokes the minds of readers at the first sight, it must be captivating, unique and one which the research fraternity is in dire need of. The topic must engulf in itself the entire theme of study, and reflect upon its constituents. But the irony is that you must be ready with your research topic, even before you can think of writing a proposal. It is critical to have a study topic, if not the finalised topic, to present to your committee, which until not selected stands to be the greatest roadblock to your research.
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