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  • Performance Analysis Of Boost Converters In A PV System With P And O Based MPPT Controller Connected To A Battery Backup And Grid
  • Multiphase Interleaved Converter Based On Cascaded Non-Inverting Buck-Boost Converter
  • One-Cycle Controllability For High Step-Up Boost Converter With Three-Winding Coupled Inductor
  • Designing A Dc – Dc High Power Boost Converter
  • A Novel Realization Of ZVS And Efficiency Optimization For Double-Clamped ZVS Buck-Boost Converter Without Current Sampling
  • Novel Non-Isolated Boost-Zeta Interleaved DC-DC Converter For Low Voltage Bipolar DC Micro-Grid Application
  • Design, Modeling And Simulation Of Bidirectional Buck And Boost Converter
  • Adaptive Sliding-Mode Control Of A Novel Buck-Boost Converter Based On Zeta Converter
  • Interleaved Bidirectional Buck-Boost DC-DC Converter Based On Multi-Mode Control
  • High Efficiency DC–DC Boost Converter With Passive Snubber And Reduced Switching Losses
  • The Fuzzy Controller For A Boost Derived - Hybrid Converter
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