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  • A New Push-Pull Dc -Dc Converter Topology With Complementary Active Clamped
  • Gan-Based Zvs Bridgeless Dualsepic Pfc Rectifier With Integrated Inductors
  • A 7-Level Switched Capacitor Multilevel Inverter With Reduced Switches And Voltage Stresses
  • A High Step-Up Switchedcapacitor 13-Level Inverter With Reduced Number Of Switches
  • A Double-Integral Sliding Mode-Based Hybrid Control For A Single input-Multiple-Output Buck Converter
  • Two-Mode Controlled Single-Dual-Input Dc–Ac Inverter With Widerange Dc Input
  • Maximizing Ripple Cancellation In Input Current For Sido Boost Converter By Design Of Coupled Inductors
  • An Interleaved Boost And Dual Active Bridgebased Single-Stage Three-Port Dc–Dc–Ac Converter With Sine Pwm Modulation
  • A Non Isolated Soft Switching Interleaved Converter With Extended Duty Cycle And Low Output Current Ripple
  • A Novel Matrix Converter Modulation With Reduced Number Of Commutations
  • Low Mosfet Count Isolated Dc– Ac Converter
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