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  • Maintain Maximum Power Point Tracking Of Photovoltaic Using SEPIC Converter
  • Small-Signal Modeling Of Two - Switch Enhanced Gain Modified SEPIC Converter
  • A High Gain Single Switch Modified Sepic Converter
  • An Isolated Bridgeless Cuk–Sepic Converter-Fed Electric Vehicle Charger
  • High Step-Up SEPIC-Based Trans-Inverse DC-DC Converter With Quasi-Resonance Operation For Renewable Energy Applications
  • Distinguished DC-DC Converter For An Electric Vehicle
  • Comparative Analysis Of CUK, SEPIC, Buck-Boost And ZETA Converters To Reduce Commutation Torque Ripple In BLDC Motor
  • Design And Analysis Of SEPIC Converter Controller With Filter For BLDC Applications
  • Improved Power Quality Charging System Based on High Step-Down Gain Bridgeless SEPIC APFC for Light Electric Vehicles
  • MPPT Based Performance Analysis Of Minimum Phase Multi-Output Hybrid Bipolar Converter
  • Implementation Of Exact Linearization Technique For Modeling And Control Of DC-DC Converters In Rural PV Microgrid Application
  • Single Stage Isolated Bridgeless Charger For Light Electric Vehicle With Improved Power Quality
  • Battery Management System Using Sepic Converter With Pv Ased Ev
  • A Bidirectional Integrated Equalizer Based On The Sepic–Zeta Converter For Hybrid Energy Storage System
  • High-Gain Non-Isolated Single-Switch DC-DC Converters In Power Factor Correction Rectifiers A Performance Assessmen
  • Integrated Buck-Zeta Converter
  • Analysis Of A New Soft-Switched Step-Up Trans-Inverse DC-DC Converter Based On Three-Winding Coupled-Inductor
  • Soft-Switching High Static Gain Modified Sepic Converter
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