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  • Combination Of Interleaved Single-Input Multiple-Output Dc-Dc Converters
  • Multi-Port Dc-Ac Converter With Differential Power Processing Dc-Dc Converter And Flexible Power Control For Battery Ess Integrated Pv Systems
  • A Non-Isolated High Step-Up Dc-Dc Converter Using Voltage Lift Technique Analysis, Design, And Implementation
  • A Wide-Range High-Voltage-Gain Bidirectional Dc–Dc Converter For V2g And G2v Hybrid Ev Charger
  • A Quadratic Quasi-Z-Source Full-Bridge Isolated Dc–Dc Converter With High Reliability For Wide Input Applications
  • A Non Isolated Soft Switching Interleaved Converter With Extended Duty Cycle And Low Output Current Ripple
  • A Novel Full Soft-Switching High-Gain Dc Dc Converter Based On Three-Winding Coupled Inductor
  • Zero-Voltage Transition Non Isolated Bidirectional Buck– Boost Dc–Dc Converter With Coupled Inductors
  • A Dual Active Clamp Dc–Dc Converter With High Voltage Gain
  • A Reconfigurable Bidirectional Isolated Llc Resonant Converter For Ultra-Wide Voltage-Gain Range Applications
  • Hybrid High Voltage Gain Transformerless Dc-Dc Converter
  • Ultrahigh Step-Up Dc-Dc Converter Composed Of Two Stages Boost Converter, Coupled Inductor And Multiplier Cell
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