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  • Power Quality Improvement of a Grid Connected Wind Energy Conversion System Using Fuzzy Logic Controlled STATCOM
  • Power Quality Improvement in Solar Powered Standalone System using D-STATCOM
  • Three Phase Distribution STATCOM Integrated with Solar
  • Synchronverter-Based STATCOM With Voltage Imbalance Compensation Functionality
  • Power Quality Enhancement through Reactive Power Compensation Using Hybrid STATCOM
  • Comparative Analysis of STATCOM and SVC on Power System Dynamic Response and Stability Margins with time and frequency responses using Modelling
  • Harmonic Cancellation by Adaptive Notch Filter Based on Discrete Wavelet Packet Transform for an MMCC-STATCOM
  • Optimal Switching-Sequence-Based Model Predictive Control for a Hybrid Multilevel STATCOM
  • Power Quality Enhancement of the Distribution Network by Multilevel STATCOM-Compensated Based on Improved One-Cycle Controller
  • Discontinuous Modulation of a Cascaded H-Bridge Low-Capacitance StatCom
  • Application of Firefly Algorithm to the Optimal Siting and Sizing of D-STATCOM in Distribution Networks
  • Power Oscillation Damping By Utilizing PV-STATCOM
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