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  • A Comparative Analysis of Zeta and Bridgeless LUO PFC Converters Fedbldc Motors with PI-Controller
  • Parallel Fixed Switching Frequency CRM and DCM Boost PFC Converter With High Power Factor
  • Practical Switching Frequency Control for Improved Efficiency in CCM Boost PFC Converters at Light Load
  • Independent Current Control with Differential Feedforward for Three-Phase Boost PFC Rectifier in Wide ac Input Frequency Application
  • Online DC-Link Capacitance Monitoring for Digital-Controlled Boost PFC Converters without Additional Sampling Devices
  • Design of PFC Boost Converter with Stand-Alone Inverter for Microgrid Applications
  • Modified Deadbeat Predictive Current Control Method for Single-phase AC-DC PFC Converter in EV Charging System
  • Unequal Duty-Ratio Feedforward Control to Extend Balanced-Currents Input Voltage Range for Series-Capacitor-Based Boost PFC Converter
  • Feasibility and Accuracy Analysis of Input Power Estimation for Boost PFC Converters without Additional Sensors
  • A Mixed Conduction Mode-Controlled Bridgeless Boost PFC Converter and Its Mission Profile-Based Reliability Analysis
  • Increasing Efficiency of Single-phase PFC by Decreasing Dynamic Power Dissipation in Transistor
  • An Interleaved PFC Boost Converter With Soft Commutations and Voltage Follower Characteristics
  • Grid connected WECS control for power production and power factor correction
  • Analysis of Improved power quality of Different types of Buck-Boost Converters with Power Factor Correction
  • Minimum DC-Link Capacitance for Single-Phase Applications with Power Factor Correction
  • A Wide Output Voltage Resonant EV Charger with Power Factor Correction
  • Boost-Type Single-Stage Step-Down Resonant Power Factor Correction Converter
  • Control Design and Performance Analysis of a Double-Switched LLC Resonant Rectifier for Unity Power Factor and Soft-Switching
  • Interleaved Landsman Converter Fed EV Battery Charger with Power Factor Correction
  • A Power Factor Corrected Resonant EV Charger Using Reduced Sensor Based Bridgeless Boost PFC Converter
  • Advanced Digital Controller for Improving Input Current Quality of Integrated Active Virtual Ground-Bridgeless PFC
  • New Bridgeless Buck PFC Converter with Improved Input Current and Power Factor
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