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  • Decentralized Stability Enhancement Of Dfig-Based Wind Farms In Large Power Systems: Koopman Theoretic Approach
  • A New Pv-Open-Upqc Configuration For Voltage Sensitive Loads Utilizing Novel Adaptive Controllers
  • An Improved Fault Ride Through Scheme And Control Strategy For Dfig-Based Wind Energy Systems
  • An Improved Fault-Tolerant Control Scheme For Cascaded H-Bridge Statcom With Higher Attainable Balanced Line-Toline Voltages
  • A Dynamic Coordination Control Architecture for Reactive Power Capability Enhancement of the DFIG-based Wind Power Generation.
  • A Station-hybrid HVDC System Structure and Control Strategies for Cross-seam Power Transmission
  • A PV-Statcom for Enhancement of power quality in grid integrated system using Unit Vector Controller
  • Control of a Doubly-Fed Induction Generator for Wind Energy Conversion Systems
  • Effects of POD Control on a DFIG Wind Turbine Structural System
  • State Estimation for Large-Scale Power Systems and FACTS Devices Based on Spanning Tree Maximum Exponential Absolute Value
  • A New Fast Track to Nonlinear Modal Analysis of Power System Using Normal Form
  • Dynamic Modeling and Small Signal Stability Analysis of PMSG-based Wind Farm with MMCHVDC System
  • On the Reduction of the Rated Power of Energy Storage System in Wind Farms
  • Improvement of Power System Transient Stability in the Event of Multi-Phase Faults and Circuit Breaker Failures
  • Recursive Smooth Variable Structure Filter for Estimation Processes in Direct Power Control Scheme Under Balanced and Unbalanced Power Grid
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