Wireless sensor Network

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  • A dynamic broadcast radius-based clustering and routing algorithm for WSN
  • Secure and Efficient Cluster Head Selection and Routing in WSN for IoT through Congestion Free Mechanism
  • Secure Critical Data Reclamation Scheme for Isolated Clusters in IoT-Enabled WSN
  • A Novel RF Energy Harvester for Event-Based Environmental Monitoring in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • A Novel Fault Diagnosis Technique for Wireless Sensor Network Using Feed forward Neural Network
  • Light-Weight Secure Aggregated Data Sharing in IoT-Enabled Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Hierarchical Clustering Nodes Collaborative Scheduling in Wireless Sensor Network
  • A Combinational Data Prediction Model for Data Transmission Reduction in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • LSTM-Characterized Deep Reinforcement Learning for Continuous Flight Control and Resource Allocation in UAV-Assisted Sensor Network
  • Energy-Efficient Cooperative Caching for Information-Centric Wireless Sensor Networking
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