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  • GSM Based Irrigation System For Moitoring Agriculture
  • Arduino GSM based Power Theft Detection and Energy Metering System
  • Automatic gate control for highly secure organization using RFID and GSM Technology
  • Development and Performance Analysis of a GPS-GSM Guided System for Vehicle Tracking
  • An Effiecient Smart Irrigation System for Solar System by using PIC and GSM
  • IoT Based Health Monitoring System
  • Low power Smart Vehicle Tracking, Monitoring, Collision avoidance and Antitheft System
  • Fuel Theft Prevention System
  • IOT Based Smart Helmet for Construction Workers
  • Smart Vehicle Parking System Using IoT
  • Arduino based Smart Walking Cane for Visually Impaired People
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Based Fire Alert Monitoring System for Car Parking
  • Smart Wearable Device for Women Safety Using IoT
  • Development of a LPG Monitoring and Automatic Cylinder Booking System Based on Wireless Sensor Network
  • IoT Instrumented Food and Grain Warehouse Traceability System for Farmers
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