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  • A Practical and Efficient Bidirectional Access Control Scheme for Cloud
  • A Lightweight Optimal Scheduling Algorithm for Energy Efficinency real time
  • Mass Customization-Oriented Customer Demand Response Service Platform Based on Cloud Computing and Internet of Things
  • Server-Aided Fine-Grained Access Control Mechanism with Robust Revocation in Cloud Computing
  • Revocable Attribute-Based Data Storage in Mobile Clouds
  • A Blockchain-Enabled Privacy-Preserving Verifiable Query Framework for Securing Cloud-Assisted Industrial Internet of Things Systems
  • Multi-Objective Task Scheduling Optimization for Load Balancing in Cloud Computing Environment Using Hybrid Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm With Reinforcement Learning
  • An Efficient Privacy-Preserving Public Auditing Protocol for Cloud-Based Medical Storage System
  • An Opportunistic Approach for Cloud Service-Based IoT Routing Framework Administering Data, Transaction, and Identity Security
  • Forward Secure Public Key Encryption with Keyword Search for Outsourced Cloud Storage
  • A Practical Framework for Secure Document Retrieval in Encrypted Cloud File Systems
  • Multi objective Task Scheduling in Cloud Environment Using Decision Tree Algorithm
  • CBiLSTM A Hybrid Deep Learning Model for Efficient Reputation Assessment of Cloud Services
  • Efficient, Revocable, and Privacy-Preserving Fine-Grained Data Sharing With Keyword Search for the Cloud -Assisted Medical IoT System
  • An Efficient Identity-Based Provable Data Possession Protocol With Compressed Cloud Storage
  • Efficient and Secure Attribute-Based Access Control With Identical Sub-Policies Frequently Used in Cloud Storage
  • A Fine-Grained and Lightweight Data Access Control Model for Mobile Cloud Computing
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