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  • Design and Fabrication of Supersonic Wind Tunnel
  • Material Comparative Analysis in Wing RIBS and SPUR
  • Design and Construction of 2 Seater Cessana Aircraft
  • CFD Analysis of Thrust Vector Control in Nozzle
  • Aero Plastic Analysis in Wing Structures
  • Design and Analysis of Bell Mouth Inlet
  • Ablative Material Coatings in Turbine Blades
  • CFD Analysis of Combustion Chamber Cooling Methods
  • Numerical Analysis of Injectors in Rocket Propellant
  • Design and Fabrication of Hybrid Rocket Engine
  • Design and Fabrication of Ramjet Engine
  • Blade Cooling Method in Turbine Blades
  • CFD Analysis of Turbojet Inlet
  • CFD Analysis of Shock Tube
  • Stress Analysis in Compressor Blades
  • Design and Buckling Analysis of Aircraft Fuselage Structure
  • Design and Analysis of Rocket Nozzle
  • Buckling Analysis in Landing Gear
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