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  • Minimum Active Switch Requirements for Single-Phase PFC Rectifiers Without Electrolytic Capacitors

  • An Improved Single-Stage PFC AC/DC Power Supply

  • Modeling a multilevel LCC resonant AC-DC converter for wide variations in the input and the load

  • Optimal Design Method of Interleaved Boost PFC for Improving Efficiency From Switching Frequency, Boost Inductor and Output Voltage

  • An Isolated Capacitor-Compensated Current Sensing Method for High-Frequency Resonant Converters

  • Analysis and Suppression of the Circulating Current Influence in the Input-Series Auxiliary Power Supply for High-Input-Voltage Applications

  • A Generalized Additional Voltage Pumping Solution (GAVPS) for High-Step-Up Converters

  • A Coupled-Inductor based LCC Resonant Converter with the Primary-Parallel-Secondary-Series Configuration to Achieve Output-Voltage Sharing for HV Generator Applications

  • Design and Experimental Analysis of PFC Rectifiers for Domestic Induction Heating Applications

  • Adaptive LUT-based Variable On-time Control for CRM Boost PFC Converters

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