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  • Soft-switched Non-Isolated High Step-up Three-port DC-DC converter for Hybrid Energy Systems

  • Design and Control of Autonomous Wind–Solar System With DFIG Feeding 3-Phase 4-Wire Loads

  • Stability Improvement of a Multimachine Power System Connected With a Large-Scale Hybrid Wind-Photovoltaic Farm Using a Supercapacitor

  • Hybrid Energy Storage System Microgrids Integration for Power Quality Improvement Using Four-Leg Three-Level NPC Inverter and Second-Order Sliding Mode Control

  • Efficiency Improvement of Three Port High Frequency Transformer Isolated Triple Active Bridge Converter

  • Frequency Division Based Coordinated Control of Three-Port Converter Interfaced Hybrid Energy Storage Systems in Autonomous DC Microgrids

  • Partially-Isolated Single-Magnetic Multi-Port Converter Based on Integration of Series-Resonant Converter and Bidirectional PWM Converter

  • Fuzzy Logic-Based Energy Management System Design for Residential Grid-Connected Microgrids

  • Isolated Single Stage Bidirectional AC-DC converter with power decoupling and reactive power control to interface battery with the single phase grid

  • A Uniform Control Strategy for the Interlinking Converter in Hierarchical Controlled Hybrid AC/DC Microgrids

  • Supervisory Power Quality Control Scheme for a Grid-Off Microgrid

  • A Battery/Ultracapacitor Hybrid Energy Storage System for Implementing the Power Management of Virtual Synchronous Generators

  • Instantaneous Symmetrical Component Theory based Parallel Grid Side Converter Control Strategy for Microgrid Power Management

  • Supervisory Control for Power Management of an Islanded AC Microgrid Using Frequency Signalling-Based Fuzzy Logic Controller

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