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  • Improvement of Power-Conversion Efficiency of AC–DC Boost Converter Using 1:1 Transformer

  • High Step-Up DC–DC Converter with Active Soft-Switching and Voltage-Clamping for Renewable Energy Systems

  • High-Efficiency High Step-Up DC–DC Converter With Dual Coupled Inductors for Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems

  • High Step-Up Resonant DC–DC Converter With Ripple-Free Input Current for Renewable Energy Systems

  • Analysis and Design of High-Efficiency Hybrid High Step-Up DC-DC Converter for Distributed PV Generation Systems

  • Voltage-Lift Technique Based Non isolated Boost DC–DC Converter: Analysis and Design

  • High Step-Up Coupled-Inductor Cascade Boost DC–DC Converter With Lossless Passive Snubber

  • Synthesis and Comparative Analysis of Very High Step-Up DC–DC Converters Adopting Coupled-Inductor and Voltage Multiplier Cells

  • A Three-Winding Coupled-Inductor DC–DC Converter Topology With High Voltage Gain and Reduced Switch Stress

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