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  • A Unitary Precoder for Optimizing Spectrum and PAPR Characteristic of OFDMA Signal

  • Adaptive Modulation and Filter Configuration in Universal Filtered Multi-Carrier Systems

  • Performance Analysis of Secret Precoding-Aided Spatial Modulation with Finite-Alphabet Signaling

  • Massive-MIMO Enabled FDD Wireless Backhaul Small-cellRelay Networks: AF Protocol Based Designs with Low Channel Estimation and Feedback Complexity

  • Energy-Efficient Hybrid Precoding Design for Millimeter-Wave Massive MIMO Systems Via Coordinate Update Algorithms

  • Dirty MIMO Transmitters: Does It Matter?

  • A Random Access Protocol for Pilot Allocation in Crowded Massive MIMO Systems

  • Network Deployment for Maximal Energy Efficiency in Uplink with Multislope Path Loss

  • Energy-Efficient D2D Communication Based Retransmission Scheme for Reliable Multicast in Wireless Cellular Network Communications

  • Resource Allocation for Real-time D2D Communications underlaying Cellular Networks

  • Energy Management and Base Station On/Off Switching in Green Mobile Networks for Offering Ancillary Services

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