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  • Designing and Implementation of a Wireless Gesture Controlled Robot for Disabled and Elderly People

  • IoT Based Automated Greenhouse Monitoring System

  • The Design and Implementation of GPS Controlled Environment Monitoring Robotic System based on IoT and ARM

  • Arduino based Balancing Robot

  • Industrial Robotic Claw for Cottage Industries

  • Automatic chocolate vending machine

  • Design and Fabrication of 6-axis Gesture Controlled Robot

  • Automatic detection of field-grown cucumbers for robotic harvesting

  • All-terrain estimation for mobile robots in precision agriculture

  • Agriculture autonomous monitoring and decisional mechatronic system

  • A hydraulic-pump speed controller in agricultural sprayers based on the automation and use of the control area network (can) bus

  • Design of automatic handling robot control system

  • Control and navigation of forest robot

  • Design and implementation of upper-limb rehabilitation device based on embedded system

  • Xbee pro module application in to organize and monitoring earthquake disaster location with the robot control system

  • The design of hand gesture robot software based on wireless technology

  • Efficient design of humanoid robot for military and industrial uses

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