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  • A smart home appliances control system based on digital electronics and gsm network

  • Embedded Ventilation Air Conditioning System for Protection Purposes with IoT Control

  • IoT Based Safety and Health Monitoring for Construction Workers

  • Towards a gsm enabled remote monitoring medical system

  • A novel approach to provide protection for women by using smart security device

  • Labview based greenhouse automation system through wireless protocol

  • Smart environmental monitoring beacon

  • Implementation of an integrated navigation, guidance and control system for an unmanned surface vehicle

  • Mining bus stops from raw gps data of bus trajectories

  • Design and implementation of an intelligent cane, with proximity sensors, gps localization and gsm feedback

  • Intelligent system for bike riders with alcohol detection and sms alert

  • Dual security application based on gps using mobile shake

  • Detection of distraction under naturalistic driving using galvanic skin responses

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