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  • ArduTalk: An Arduino Network Application Development Platform Based on IoTtalk

  • Hardware implementation of the fuzzy logic MPPT in an Arduino card using a Simulink support package for PV application

  • Low-Cost Datalogger Intended for Remote Monitoring of Solar Photovoltaic Standalone Systems Based on Arduino™

  • Development of an Arduino-based CO2 Monitoring Device

  • An Effective Moisture Control based Modern Irrigation System (MIS) with Arduino Nano

  • Arduino based Safety Device for the Visually Challenged

  • A Novel Design of a Respiratory Rate Monitoring System using a Push Switch Circuit and Arduino Micocontroller

  • Low-Cost Integrated Zinc Oxide Nanorod-Based Humidity Sensors for Arduino Platform

  • A home environment monitoring design on arduino

  • A smart framework for power distribution and load balancing using arduino

  • ARDUINO UNO based packed U cell inverter for photovoltaic application

  • Hardware design of three phase voltage source inverter using arduino microcontroller and its harmonic analysis

  • An arduino based system for calculating the average life time of a person via indoor oxygen content

  • Arduino based temperature and humidity control for condensation on wettability engineered surfaces

  • An automated zebra crossing using arduino-uno

  • Design and implementation of a low-cost real-time in-situ drinking water quality monitoring system using arduino

  • Automatic water clarity monitoring and filtration system using light dependent resistor based on arduino uno

  • Arduino based lpg gas monitoring automatic cylinder booking with alert system

  • Vehicle overload detection system based on magnetoresistance sensor

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