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  • Voice Recognition based intelligent Wheelchair and GPS Tracking System

  • A Supervised Intrusion Detection System for Smart Home IoT Devices

  • Health Monitoring System for Elderly and Disabled People

  • IoT-Based Smart Edge for Global Health: Remote Monitoring With Severity Detection and Alerts Transmission

  • Designing and Implementation of Microcontroller Based Non-Invasive Health Monitoring System

  • Aero Ambulance Quad copter Based Technology for An Emergency Healthcare

  • A Microcontroller Based Missing Heartbeat Detection And Real Time Heart Rate Monitoring System

  • IoT Based Remote Health Monitoring System for Patients and Elderly People

  • A Novel Cloud-Based Framework for the Elderly Healthcare Services Using Digital Twin

  • An arm based wireless sensors network for monitoring of plants health

  • Fog assisted application support for animal behaviour analysis and health monitoring in dairy farming

  • Consumer health care: current trends in consumer health monitoring

  • In-ear audio wearable: measurement of heart and breathing rates forhealth and safety monitoring

  • Modular and personalized smart health application design in a smart city environment

  • An intelligent mobile agents system for sudden infant death syndrome monitoring

  • Architecture and design of an integrated wearable, iot and cloud based telemedicine system for rural healthcare

  • Smart Assistant for the Physically Challenged

  • Non-invasive blood glucose estimation

  • Robotic automated external defibrillator ambulance for emergency medical service in smart cities.

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