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  • GSM Based Power Plant Synchronization Failure, Detection and Prevention

  • A Secured Smart Home Switching System based on Wireless Communications and Self-Energy Harvesting

  • A Complete Hardware Setup for Smart Lighting System

  • Predicting Energy Consumption Through Machine Learning Using a Smart-Metering Architecture

  • Implementation of Micro Controller Based Electromechanical Over Current Relay for Radial Feeder Protection

  • Smart pump control system for optimal distribution of electricity

  • Multithreading design for an embedded irrigation system running on solar power

  • Monitoring system for solar panel using smartphone based on microcontroller

  • Micro-controller based over current relay using hall effect current sensor

  • Monitoring the operation of transmission line in a smart grid system through iot

  • Time operated electrical appialnes control system using arduino

  • An intelligent solution for electricity and water management in smart cities using internet of things

  • Automatic underground cable fault detection with sms alert

  • Industrial underground power cable fault identification using arduino controller

  • Design of a digital standard inverse overcurrent relay using arduino uno as a microcontroller

  • Microcontroller Based Optical Switch and Regulator for Home Applications

  • Bidirectional thermoelectric energy generator based on a phase-change lens for concentrating solar power

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