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  • Robust Big Data Analytics for Electricity Price Forecasting in the Smart Grid

  • A Searchable and Verifiable Data Protection Scheme for Scholarly Big Data

  • Handling Big Data Using a Data-Aware HDFS and Evolutionary Clustering Technique

  • Transfer to Rank for Top-N Recommendation

  • T-PCCE: Twitter Personality based Communicative Communities Extraction System for Big Data

  • Collaboratively Tracking Interests for User Clustering in Streams of Short Texts

  • Lightweight Indexing and Querying Services for Big Spatial Data

  • Maximum Data-resolution Efficiency for Fog-Computing Supported Spatial Big Data Processing in Disaster Scenarios

  • CHARON: A Secure Cloud-of-Clouds System for Storing and Sharing Big Data

  • Deep Irregular Convolutional Residual LSTM for Urban Traffic Passenger Flows Prediction

  • Ontology-Based Privacy Data Chain Disclosure Discovery Method for Big Data

  • PriRadar: A Privacy-Preserving Framework for Spatial Crowdsourcing

  • Flow Context and Host Behavior Based Shadowsocks’s Traffic Identification

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