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  • Design of Secure Authenticated Key Management Protocol for Cloud Computing Environments

  • Privacy-Preserving Multi-Keyword Top-k k Similarity Search Over Encrypted Data

  • Privacy-Preserving Attribute-Based Keyword Search in Shared Multi-owner Setting

  • Differentially Private Publication of Vertically Partitioned Data

  • Traceable Monero: Anonymous Cryptocurrency with Enhanced Accountability

  • FS-PEKS: Lattice-based Forward Secure Public-key Encryption with Keyword Search for Cloud-assisted Industrial Internet of Things

  • Revocable Identity-Based Broadcast Proxy Re-encryption for Data Sharing in Clouds

  • Towards Achieving Keyword Search over Dynamic Encrypted Cloud Data with Symmetric-Key Based Verification

  • Searchable Symmetric Encryption with Forward Search Privacy.

  • PrivHome: Privacy-Preserving Authenticated Communication in Smart Home Environment

  • A privacy-preserving framework for outsourcing location-based services to the cloud

  • An Electronic Voting Scheme Based on Revised-SVRM and Confirmation Numbers

  • A Secure Searchable Encryption Framework for Privacy-Critical Cloud Storage Services

  • Fuzzy Identity-Based Data Integrity Auditing for Reliable Cloud Storage Systems

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