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  • Non-linear analysis of continuous composite concrete–steel beams under cyclic loadings

  • Influence of masonry infill walls on seismic performance of RC framed structures a comparison of aac and conventional brick infill

  • Experimental and numerical investigations of the dynamic response of highly compliant, polymerenhanced, graphite reinforced cementitious composites

  • Deflection control in RCC beams by using mild steel strips

  • Behavior of columns in composite ces structural system

  • Concrete cover separation failure of overlay-strengthened reinforced concrete beams

  • Experimental study on behavior of interior RC beam column joints subjected to cyclic loading

  • Composite RCC and brick slabs with shear reinforcement

  • Nonlinear behavior of skew slab bridge under traffic loading using staad pro

  • Performance of innovative and durable CFCC prestressed and reinforced beams under shear

  • Practical method for analysis and design of slender reinforced concrete columns subjected to biaxial bending and axial loads

  • Safety evaluation of a slab and buttress dam

  • Seismic upgradation of a steel frame structure by bracing system

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