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  • Solid waste management

  • Removal of toxic metal from industrial water using groundnut shell

  • Use of different organic wastes for production of bio gas

  • Sampling and analysis of industrial waste water and reuse

  • Sewage treatment in Thiruvallur District

  • Site suitability evaluation for textile sewage water treatment plant using remote sensing techniques

  • Analysis of textile mill waste water

  • A study on effect of pollutants on land and river due to discharge of paper packaging factory waste water

  • Studies on the concentration of settable dust emitted by sugar factory

  • Performance studies on the waste treatment units of a battery industry

  • Generation of electricity using solid waste management

  • Decentralized solid waste management system involving active public and NGO participation

  • Climate change, energy and decentralized solid waste management

  • Municipal solid waste management under decentrailisation

  • Waste management models and their applications on construction sites

  • Identification of potential zone using remote sensing

  • Sampling, analysis and design of effluent treatment plant for leather industry

  • Study on fluoride concentration in ground water

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