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  • Some investigation of electrical discharge machining on OHNS steel with a copper and brass electrode to increases the surface finish and reduced the heat affected zone, lead time by varying machine parameter

  • Experimental investigation of machining parameter for EDM using various electrode on EN31 tool steel

  • Experimental investigation of machining Parameter for EDM using various material with copper electrode

  • Some experimental investigation on die steel in electric discharge machining with various parameter and electrode

  • Process parameter optimization of WEDM process of EN47 die steel

  • Evaluation of machinability of D3 steel and cryotreated PCBN with untreated carbide inserts using Taguchi technique

  • Evaluation of machinability of H13 steel and cryo-treated CBN with untreated carbide Inserts using Taguchi technique

  • Evaluation of machinability of tool steel and cryo-treated cermets with untreated cermet inserts using Taguchi technique

  • Surface properties of the cut face obtained by plasma and water jet cutting and OXY-Fuel cutting methods from AISI410 stainless steel materials

  • Analysis and optimization of cutting parameter in plasma cutting of SS410

  • Optimization of cutting parameter in plasma cutting on mild steel thin plates with various thickness and constant parameter

  • Design and analysis of angle cutting die to attain exact geometry at cutting face

  • Efficient method of producing oval punching holes on sheet metal with FEA result

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