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  • Buckling analysis of aircraft fuselage

  • Material comparative analysis in wing ribs and spur

  • Stress analysis in compressor blades

  • Blade cooling method in turbine blades

  • Ablative material coating in turbine blades

  • Buckling analysis in landing gear

  • Aero elastic analysis in wing structures

  • Numerical analysis of injectors in rocket propellant

  • Design and analysis of bell mouth inlet

  • CFD analysis of turbojet inlet

  • Design and analysis of rocket nozzle

  • CFD analysis of thrust vector control in nozzle

  • Design and fabrication of hybrid rocket engine

  • CFD analysis of shock tube

  • CFD analysis of combustion chamber cooling

  • Design and construction of 2 seater cessana aircraft

  • Design and fabrication of supersonic wind tunnel

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