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  • Fabrication of turbo jet engine with active magnetic bearing

  • Fabrication of remote controlled hovercraft

  • Fabrication of pulse jet engine

  • Fabrication of SMS controller air craft

  • Aeroplane controlling system (model)

  • Design and fabrication solar hover bike (model)

  • Fabrication of mini Jet engine

  • Aero plane controlling system (Glider model)

  • Fabrication of mine detecting hover craft with camera

  • Anti hijack systems for aeroplane

  • Fabrication of combustion chamber for rocket engine

  • Solar powered remote controlled aircraft

  • Aero plane visual landing gear arrangement with tyre pressure inflation system

  • Fabrication of black box in aeroplane

  • Electro hydraulic steering system for ship

  • Fabrication of fly car

  • Aeroplane controlling system (Flying Model)

  • Fabrication of osmotic power plant

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